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Class 126 Swindon Inter-City DMU

News Archive 2019

2019 Winter Woollies Work Week

This year our winter restoration efforts shall focus on progressing the interior of the Edinburgh/Glasgow Buffet car Sc79443.

Recent work weeks have tended to focus on the bodywork of this vehicle due to the once critical state of corrosion. The situation is now much more stable and almost all of the structural steelwork on the bodysides and floor is complete. One corridor end remains to be completed in addition to patch roof repairs.

This year's winter efforts can be concentrated on a surge in progress with interior fitting out and we hope to make significant progress with rebuilding the compartments and buffet area. We shall undertake a variety of work, but concentrate on the "big" tasks that are normally beyond the capacities of our regular Sunday team.

Materials have been prepared in advance and we are raring to go! As always, new volunteers are most welcome. Feel free to get in touch in advance if you wish to participate or just turn up on the day.

The 2019 Winter Woollies Work Week shall take place from Monday 25th February to Friday 1st March 2019 in the SRE2 (museum) building.