Successful October Work Week

The third work week of 2013 saw another jump in progress. We were able to once more move 79443 into the goods shed, the only place we are able to do hot work (grinding and welding) and have the assistance of the SRPS’s full time C&W employee Mick Hughes.

79443 north sideThe north (corridor) side has now had the bodyside repairs completed, except the corridor end. As a recap, this involved removing all the side sheeting, repairing all the rotten framework behind (the majority of the lower half) and replating.

Attention then turned to the new corrugated steel floor (“key sheeting’) and the sheets that had just been temporarily tacked in place to allow work to continue were fully welded all around. Three rows plus the farthest away sheet on the right are now done (pictured below) with the farthest left sheet loosely in place awaiting completion of the box section which runs at floor level.

The final picture shows current condition of the south side, with framework repairs at the half-way point.

New floor welded in

IMG_8515 for web