Restoration Summary

51043 end text

For those interested in details of the restoration work undertaken, the following sections give an illustrated summary of the challenges we have already tackled – and still face.


On the right we see the inside end of Sc51043 taken after its external repaint at Butterley. The inscriptions are copied from the vehicle as new:

S.P. 6-62 (Shopping Proposal: June 1962)

New 3000 refers to the fact that the vehicle was built new at Swindon Works (BR works code 3000) with an official “birthday” of 27th June 1959.

Current Status of the vehicles

This section gives details of the status of work to date. Please revisit our site to see progress. Better still –  get involved!

Sc51043 (DMBS) This vehicle was initially in the worst condition of our 3 Ayrshire vehicles. It has had the bodywork extensively rebuilt, including a major re-skin of the bodysides by Midland Railway Enterprises (MRE) at Butterley in Derbyshire. In addition the underframe mechanical components have been completely refurbished and all wiring and air piping replaced by MRE. Examples of the work undertaken can be seen in the other restoration pages. The diesel engines have been stripped, completely reconditioned and rebuilt by the SRPS Diesel Group at Bo’ness. The vehicle was returned to Bo’ness in Spring of 2006 for our volunteers to complete with the interior restoration. The vehicle is now completely restored to it’s as-new condition.

Sc59404 (TCK) This vehicle was in the best mechanical condition when we began the restoration and had some minor bodywork repairs and repainted by the SRPS. The interior, which had been completely destroyed during asbestos removal, has been rebuilt to original condition by our volunteers at Bo’ness. The vehicle travelled to the Severn Valley Railway in 2004 as a representation of an Inter-City type DMU vehicle for the Railcar50 event, organised to celebrate 50 years since the introduction of the first of the British Railways first generation DMUs. Being the first of the 3-car set to be restored and several years of outside storage before the C&W shelter was built has led to some deterioration of the body and paintwork. Rectification of this is on hold while work on 79443 progresses.

Sc51017 (DMS) Similarly to 51043 it has also had the bodywork and the mechanical components completely refurbished by MRE, returning to Bo’ness in August 2007. Interior work done by the volunteers has returned it to it’s as new-1959 condition, with two engines rebuilt and fitted by the SRPS Diesel Group at Bo’ness.

Sc79443 (TRBF) This is a Buffet car vehicle from the Edinburgh-Glasgow units. The vehicle was purchased as an empty shell by the SRPS from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in view of its historical significance to modern Scottish railway history. It was sidelined while work concentrated on the 3-car Ayrshire set. It’s 20 years in Yorkshire were spent as a static vehicle with little maintenance with the body deteriorated to the point where complete re-skinning and major framework repairs were required. The HLF funding allowed this work to commence which proved it could be tackled successfully and served as a measure for the work remaining. While some time is still spend working on the three Ayrshire vehicles, 79443 is now the main focus of attention with one side completely repaired and the other side has reached around halfway. The welding work requires moving the vehicle to a different building for carefully planned work weeks, the remainder of the time is spent preparing items for fitting out the interior. Work is also advancing well on welding in a new corrugated steel floor and constructing the timber partitions that divide the compartments.

More details about our restoration activities undertaken can be found on these pages looking at the bodywork, mechanical, electrical and interior work, or are detailed more extensively in our member’s quarterly newsletter “White Circle News”.