Progress directed towards completion for “Intercity Fifty”

Unit on crossover 51043 van

Above left: An excellent shot of 126 413 as the Unit shunts out of the yard at Bo’ness on 28.09.08. Many thanks to “BIG55012” for submitting this and many other fine shots of the Unit. Please contact us if you have material you’d like to see on the site.

The next running days are planned for the Bo’ness Railway Diesel Weekend, 29th and 30th August 2009, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the introduction to service of the Ayrshire Intercity sets.

The Guard’s Equipment Cabinet from DMBS Sc51043 (above right) has had the damaged woodwork repaired, and a complete repaint in the original bright red colour. It has now been re-installed in the brake van and contrasts nicely with the panelling, which is now in gleaming gloss “topaz” colour.

Our research is indicating that the brake van doors should also be painted gloss red. Can anyone provide positive photographic (or other) confirmation of this?. Please get in touch if so.

More seats installed in Sc51017

51017 seats
The 5th set of second class seats (smoking – green moquette) shown in position in Sc51017. All the back-to-back units have now been re-assembled in this saloon.