Preparations for 2010 Operating Season Continue

126413 and Maude
Above: Sc51043 and Sc59404 recreate the Sixties when posed with 65243 ‘Maude’ outside the RCB during the B&KR’s Mixed Traffic Week-end. Photo: John Miller, 21st June 2009.

As reported in the previous site news, the DMU Project has been reported as “complete” to the Heritage Lottery Fund (our major sponsors). This means that all major work is now complete, with the exception of a number of items reported on our ‘snagging lists’. These tasks are generally minor items and shall not prevent operation of the train, however there is still a lot of preparation to be completed before the unit will enter regular service on the Bo’ness and Kinneil railway.

For the last few years we have organised a Winter Work Week in addition to our Summer Work Week. These work weeks give the opportunity for our members to come to the railway and complete a relatively large amount of work in a short space of time and we typically manage to complete around 3 months of “normal” progress during the week. The Work Weeks also give us the opportunity to tackle large tasks which could not be accomplished with the resources available on our normal Sunday visits.

This year, the 2010 Winter Work Week took place from Saturday 20th to Thursday 25th February. Our target was to complete the major tasks and checks required for normal operation of the DMU in 2010. Significant amongst these is the removal and recertification of the air receivers.

Turning the Tables

Compartment tables
The small shelves for 59404’s compartments have been recovered with grey Formica.

This shows the work in progress, with only one more piece to make before gluing them all in place.

Photo: John Horne, 19th July 2009.