Guarded Optimism over Interior Completion

51043 van
There have been further improvements in the interior appearance of the DMU recently. Progress on the Guards compartment is shown above. The effect is quite different to the all over grey that DMU guards’ compartments wore during their later years…

It had been hoped to have the unit in service for the Bo’ness Diesel Gala in August, but unfortunately this was not possible, the major obstacle being recertification of the air receivers.

Removing the air receivers is quite a major task and it was decided to delay this work until Spring 2010 to allow us to concentrate on interior completion. This will also allow us to recertify the receivers at the start, rather than the end, of an operating season.

Power Car Sc51017 was placed on display in the bay platform on the Saturday of the Diesel Gala to display the newly completed interior, and a large number of visitors were given a guided tour of the restoration work carried out.

Meanwhile the rest of the volunteers were able to progress the interior work on the DMBS vehicle Sc51043, which has been moved back inside the shed.

Final seats installed in Sc51017

The future’s bright – The future is orange…..
The remaining second class seats (non-smoking – tan moquette) have now been installed in Sc51017.
This is the final passenger saloon to have seats installed. We’re almost there!
51017 non-smoking