It’s curtains for the DMU

CurtainsThere have been dramatic developments in the interior appearance of the DMU in the last few weeks, in preparation for the full re-introduction to service on the B&KR, coinciding with the Unit’s 50th birthday.

All curtains are now in place in the compartments of centre car Sc59404.

One saloon in each power car Sc51043 and Sc51017 has also had curtains fitted.

The “sudden” transformation is of course only possible thanks to months of hard work by our restoration team.

Prior to manufacturing the curtains, we spent a great deal of effort comparing samples of specially commissioned material to the (little) available photographic and other documentary evidence.

When the final design was approved by the consultative committee, the design was put into mass production by SRPS DMU group volunteer Ann Stewart. Many thanks to Ann for all her hard work over a hot sewing machine over the last months.

Due to ongoing restoration, Sc51017 has been in the Museum shed for some months, but to enhance his photograph, John Horne has used one of the picturesque Scottish Glens as a nice backdrop….

Non-smoking saloon seats installed in Sc51017

Most of the second class seats (non-smoking – tan moquette) have now been installed in Sc51017.
As with all the seats on the train, we have had new moquette manufactured by Holdsworths of Halifax – the original vendor to British Railways. This shall be the final passenger saloon to be completed. We’re almost there!

NS seats