Autumn 2008 – Recent DMU activities


Since it’s “partial” reintroduction to traffic in July, the DMU has completed no less than 17 return trips on the line:

HLF weekend 20th/21st September: The DMU made a great impression with the travelling public over the weekend. Many favourable comments were received and the weather was surprisingly kind on the Sunday, with the paintwork gleaming in the sunshine.

The unit did three return trips as the scheduled locomotive failed at Bo’ness on Saturday and the DMU was pressed into service for the 15:00 service. We were put on standby on Sunday until the scheduled DMU run.

No major mechanical problems were noted, however some minor electrical problems were noted and rectified.

Bo’ness Diesel Gala 27th/28th September: The DMU did three successful trips to Birkhill and back over the weekend. Many positive comments were received from passengers on board and on the platforms. At least two visitors turned up specifically for the Saturday afternoon DMU run. Thanks for your support.

Saturday 1st November 2008 – SRPS AGM:
The DMU operated the 1100 and 1200 services, both of which were public services. Members were invited to travel on the DMU free of charge on production of their SRPS Membership Card. Photos on Home page.

There were several photographers in action at the lineside on each trip and images are starting to appear on the web and in print – copies of any Swindon DMU material gratefully received.

Working parties on the DMU are at Bo’ness most Sundays – to get involved see FAQ section.