Successful October Work Week

The third work week of 2013 saw more good progress made. Read the full details here.

Our next day working at Bo’ness will be on Sunday 16th February 2014.

The next work week shall be the Winter Woolies (4-day) Work Week16th-19th February 2014 – New volunteers welcome – see bottom of this page for link to contacts.

Saturday 5 October – last day in service in 2013 of the class 126 DMU

Saturday 5 October was the last day in service in 2013 of the class 126 DMU, before the coolant was drained for the winter. The DMU operated the 15:35 hours service from Bo’ness.

With the line now fully open to the new platform at Manuel Junction, we look forward to a busy operating season in 2014.

May 2013
19th May 2013: The 3 car Ayrshire set runs back to the yard at Bo’ness after the end of the weekend when it returned to service, for the first time since October 2011, after the fitting of our spare engine to Sc51017.

51043 Manuel
The Unit at Manuel Junction during an operating day in 2010.
The Unit has again recently ran the full length of the line to Manuel Junction. Manuel Junction (near Polmont) is the railway’s connection to Network Rail and has recently had an SRPS platform constructed to allow passengers to alight.


51017 Bo'nessThe Unit leaves the main platform at Bo’ness, the light exhaust trails showing that all 4 engines are running.

Winter Woolies (4-day) Work Week announced – 16th-19th February 2014 – New volunteers welcome!

If you would like to assist in the restoration of the Class 126 DMU, we’d like to hear from you. Working parties take place under covered accomodation in the Scottish Railway Museum building (SRE2) at Bo’ness most Sundays. To get involved, click here.